Kamali Verifies Their Clients Faster With Express Bank Account Statement

Home Credit is a Czech, non-banking institution specializing in consumer finance. It has been operating on the Czech financial market since 1997 and since 2005, it has been part of the PPF financial group.

Dynamic world of micro-loans

Home Credit, of course, understands the dynamics and speed of change taking place in the world of financial products through the introduction of new technologies. They are therefore creating products and services that are attractive and responsive to the changing needs of consumers. One innovative service such as this is Kamali, providing applicants with a reasonable loan for a few days.

The service is based on clearly defined, transparent, and fixed conditions for the whole repayment period. Setting up a loan is fast, simple, and completed online. The applicant does not have to personally take any action or undergo a lengthy procedure.

Kamali is primarily aimed at people with stable incomes, who are familiar with digital environments, and want to bridge a temporary problem with money through a micro-loan. People borrow via Kamali for many reasons. Some people use the money to pay extra monthly expenses. Other clients solve an unexpected blowout in their family budget. Some just wish to indulge in something they do not have the cash for, but also know that it won’t be a problem to repay. Most people who borrow from Kamali repay the money within 30 days.

Verify Your Bank Account and Client Data

Process of borrowing money is governed by the Czech law. Each lending company must verify the bank account into which the loan is paid. Clients are therefore requested to prove that they have a bank account kept in their name. Clients can choose three different ways to verify bank accounts and data via Kamali.

• Send a verification payment from the client’s bank account.
• Upload an account statement, or send it via e-mail.
• Upload a screenshot from internet banking, or send it via e-mail.

A new, other way to quickly and comfortably verify the bank account and client data in Kamali is the Express Bank Account Statement service developed by Lime. With this service, Kamali customers can simply forward a bank statement by clicking on the button and confirming your consent to hand over your bank statement directly from your bank. Kamali will obtain a statement from the client’s bank account electronically within seconds, greatly speeding up the loan. Of course, all of this is done safely.