Risks your clients are facing

The risks your clients are facing gain on variety.
Be ready to tackle the biggest threats.

Trojanized apps

Once safe apps can become malicious with their updates. Attackers can trick consumers to download malicious apps from App Store that look like an update of the legitimate ones. 

Malicious Apps

Malicious apps can be found on official app stores or be even preinstalled on the device. Malware can read and modify every app on the device and abuse sensitive data of end users.

Rooted Device

Device rooting enables end users to disable system security features. It can be malware itself what roots the device. Malicious apps can then escalate their permissions or inject malicious code to banking apps.

Solution? Complex Protection

Sometimes it is just a matter of seconds to get your clients' devices infected.
Protect their devices as well as your app.

Protecting the environment in which your app is running

AppSec proactively scanns the device and detects dangerous or just potentially dangerous apps, even when your app is not running. In case a threat is identified, AppSec terminates your app and enables the end user to safely uninstall the dangerous one. 

Safeguarding your app

RASP solution is a part of AppSec, which protects the app with advanced obfuscation against wide range of threats, including zero-day attacks. This feature prevents your app from being modified or reverse-engineered, repackaged and released on the app marketplace. As a result, it improves your compliance with PSD2 and meets GDPR requirements.

Providing threats overview

AppSec provides a detailed overview of malware that is active in your userbase and what devices were already healed. See what malware families threaten your customers, what concrete devices are infected, inform your clients about it and be ready for possible vectors of attacks in advance.

Without any impact on User Experience

All the features mentioned above have no impact on the user experience or app performance. AppSec is a wholly in-app security solution, which menas that your clients do not have to install any additional apps or extensions. 

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Protect your Android app from mobile malware. Implement in 10 minutes and stay ahead from the cyber-criminals.

App Shielding

Safeguard your mobile apps against various types of sophisticated attacks on runtime with leading RASP.

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