Mobile App Shielding

App shielding prevents attackers from modifying your app during runtime or at rest. It protects your app's memory, makes app repackaging extremely complex, and provides additional protection against mobile malware.

Necessity For Your Bank

Mobile malware and cyber attackers became extremely sophisticated. They are looking for new ways to hack your mobile apps and cause damage. By misusing the mobile operating system features, they can gain an advantage and steal your users’ personal data or even money. Avoid these devastating consequences. After all, your business reputation is at stake! The App Shielding prevents the most common threats that mobile apps are facing these days and helps your organisation stay safe and compliant.

Improved Security

Prevent the most common security issues that concern mobile apps.

Quick Deployment

Make your apps secure without programming in just a couple of minutes.

Regulatory Compliance

App Shielding is a necessary prerequisite for PSD2 compliance.

Why App Shielding?

App Shielding prevents and effectively stops the most common types of cyber attacks related to mobile apps.

Quick Deployment

With App Shielding, you can make your application secure without affecting your project timeline.

Our Customers

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