Web Authentication

Your bank is growing and mobile and web apps are starting to accumulate. How do you deal with user authentication and payment authorization in these cluttered systems? Let’s move authentication and authorization into one place!

Central Point for Authentication

As the banking systems grow and become more cluttered, unified authentication and authorization become the most critical issue to tackle. With the PSD2 legislation, authentication and authorization need to take the third parties into account as well. With our Web Authentication solution, your bank can have a single interface to secure mobile banking, Internet banking and open banking API.

Unified Authentication

Your systems will be less cluttered, and users will place greater trust in them when signing in.

User Convenience

The solution has a stunning user interface and since it is fast and convenient, will be popular with your users.

PSD2 Compliance

Secure your open API and stay compliant with the PSD2 legislation.

Rich Branding

You can easily customize the design and incorporate your brand.

Mobile Token

Users can log in and confirm operations using a simple mobile app for iOS and Android.

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