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Case Studies

Digital Banking Security for Raiffeisenbank

Read how we helped Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic stay on top of the PSD2 compliance and improve user experience at the same time.

Product Descriptions


With the rise of mobile malware, it is no longer possible to dismiss the threat that applications installed on the end-user device pose to mobile banking. The end customers are already a target, the banks are losing money, and the situation is only going to get worse. Find out more about our built-in antivirus plugin for Android users that tackles such problems.

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and authorization of a user accessing a mobile or web app is a security necessity of the utmost importance. Find out how Wultra is prepared to help you with this process.

App Shielding and Secure Runtime

App shielding prevents attackers from modifying your app during runtime or at rest, protects your app's memory and provides additional protection against mobile malware.

Open Banking Portal and PSD2 API

With the PSD2 legislation, it is necessary to authenticate the user’s identity in the world of open banking as well as meet the Strong Customer Authentication requirements. See how Wultra can help.