IBIS InGold Boosts User Experience, Security, and Compliance With Mobile Authenticator

Wultra helps IBIS InGold, the European leader in investments and savings in precious metals, with user-friendly and secure authentication of its customers and operation approval.

To meet all the requirements on secure yet easy and convenient user authentication and operation approval, IBIS InGold developed an authenticator app for iOS and Android, backed by the Mobile Security Suite solution. IBIS InGold customers can now conveniently log in or approve sensitive operations with PIN code or biometry. Authenticator app shows detailed and comprehensive information of the approved operations to the customers, pushing the risk of erroneous or fraudulent transactions to zero.

On top of that, IBIS InGold now meets the strictest PSD2 legislation requirements on Strong Customer Authentication (RTS/SCA).

Excellent user experience and a high level of security of customer assets is our priority. With authentication technologies by Wultra, we quickly managed to provide our customers with an easy-to-use authenticator app while improving compliance with the latest legislative requirements.
Zdenka Hobzova, Member of Board of Directors at IBIS InGold a.s.

Passwordless Access

Access to electronic channels often requires long and complex passwords. People cannot remember them, and therefore, they avoid using digital applications altogether.

With an authenticator app powered by Wultra technologies, access is approved simply by using a biometric sensor of the mobile device, with a fallback to short PIN code.

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About IBIS InGold

For more than 20 years in the market, IBIS InGold is one of the leading companies on regular saving in physical gold and silver in Europe. Regularly serving more than 50 000 customers, making them less dependent on political and economic situations.

For further information: https://ibisingold.com/

Interested in Mobile Security Suite?

Mobile Security Suite is a software development kit (SDK) that will secure your mobile app quickly with minimal effort to integrate. Your customers can easily sign in or confirm operations with a short PIN or fingerprint as well as sign contracts in the same easy way or even see their account  balance before signing in via widgets or on a smartwatch.