in-app protection

Make your application more resistant to attacks such as malicious data exfiltration, intrusion, tampering, and reverse engineering. Safeguard the software-based assets and protect your organization and customers from fraudulent attacks.

Mobile phones with developer mode and security settings
fast Deployment

Integrate our security suite in 10 minutes with a few lines of code.


We offer a comprehensive solution to enhance the security of banking and fintech applications.


Get a detailed look on devices in your ecosystem. Inspect various threats in an online dashboard.

Protect the authentication process 
on insecure

In-app protection and app shielding is crucial as authentication is only as secure as the device it runs on. Embedding security within apps guards against malware and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity of your network. It scans the user's device, analyzes risks in our secure cloud, and provides a detailed security assessment. Our in-app protection works in three key stages.


Our in-app protection proactively identifies and neutralizes potential threats before they can compromise your clients' device's security.


It robustly blocks unauthorized access and harmful activities, ensuring your clients' device remains secure against malicious attacks.


The system continuously monitors for suspicious activities, detecting and alerting you of any security breaches.

the most feature-rich in-app protection solution on the market

Our security suite allows CISOs to comply with the strictest OWASP standard requirements on mobile app security and mobile application resilience. It solves issues directly on the mobile device and sends threat signals to your fraud detection system.

  • Mobile malware
  • Debugger connection
  • Emulator or virtual environment
  • Rooting or jailbreak
  • Runtime library injection
  • Hooking frameworks
  • Tapjacking
  • Remote access
  • Code injection
  • System and user screenshots
  • Untrusted keyboards
  • Untrusted screen-readers
  • Sensitive process identification
  • Native code hooks
  • External screen sharing
  • Man-in-the-app scenarios
  • Man-in-the-middle scenarios
  • Insecure HTTP Proxy
  • App repackaging
  • Compromising asset integrity
  • Overlay attacks
  • Passcode not set
  • Key extraction (white-box crypto)
  • Extraction of other sensitive data
  • Device cloning
  • Untrusted App Marketplaces
  • Outdated OS version
for developers, by developers


When it comes to security, there's no time to waste. Integrate our security suite in 10 minutes with just a few lines of code. All you need is to add a code snippet into your application.


Analytical dashboard

Visualize various threats in an online dashboard and get a comprehensive overview of all devices in your ecosystem. Feed the data to the fraud detection systems, or inspect them through web interface.

monitor all threats

Our dashboard shows you an overview of all the threats in your ecosystem.

take a detailed look

You can take a detailed look at individual devices.

Laptop screen showcasing our in-app protection solution's dashoboard. on the screen there is a treats overview of our demo app

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