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Replace SMS OTP With a Mobile App

Provide a multi-factor login and payment approval experience with a ready-made mobile token app — complete with your brand's look and feel.

Mobile phones with approval and SMS code on the screens
User Experience

When using SMS, it's necessary for users to discover codes in unformatted text and rewrite them to your systems. A mobile app makes things frictionless by allowing simple confirmations.

Lower Costs

The more frequently your users use your systems, the more you end up paying for SMS. With a mobile token app, you pay a fixed fee per app user and can save up to 60% as a result.

Better Security

SMS-based authentication is suceptible to phishing, SIM swapping, Android malware, and attacks on telco infrastructure. A mobile app mitigates the majority of these vulnerabilties.


Regulatory frameworks such as PSD2 are suggesting a shift away from SMS codes. Our mobile token app is specifically designed to meet today's regulatory requirements.

Interested in Your Own Mobile Token App?

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Implementing support for app-based authentication using a mobile token is no more complicated than implementing legacy SMS OTP verification. Choose from on-premise or SaaS options. Accelerate your time to market by using our ready-made mobile app for approvals, which is 100% designed to fit your brand.


Your systems initiate delivery of an SMS code via telco infrastructure. The user rewrites the OTP into your web systems to validate it.

Diagram showing a flow in the online banking ecosystem for sms otps.


Your systems initiate the delivery of a push message via Apple and Google cloud services. The user confirms the operation in the mobile app.

Diagram showing a flow in the online banking ecosystem for mobile token