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We help the leading European banks to make secure digital channels faster.

Mobile Security Suite
Make your mobile apps secure while improving user experience
Convenient Authentication
Let your app users log in using a short PIN code, fingerprint scan or face recognition.
Transaction Approval
Approve payments or other sensitive operations with cryptographically strong PSD2 compliant proof.
Beyond Apps
Implement support for widgets or smartwatch in no time, and without compromising security.
Mobile App Shielding
Protect your mobile apps from the inside out
Mobile Malware
Make your app self-protect from mobile malware that tries to steal your user's credentials.
App Integrity
Prevent app repackaging, in-app resource theft and run-time modification.
White-Box Crypto
Prevent embedded keys and secrets from being stolen by attackers.
Mobile Token
Secure and convenient authentication method for your digital channels
Mobile First
Our excellent authenticator app for iOS and Android will stun your clients.
Rich Branding
We can make the mobile token app yours by incorporating your brand.
Fast and Convenient
Push notifications and support for biometry make the app as fast as possible.
Web Authentication
Authentication and authorization for all your digital channels
Secure all your digital channels, be it a mobile banking, internet banking, or open banking API.
Mobile Token Support
Solution easily integrates with our Mobile Token app for iOS and Android.
Rich Branding
We can customize the web interface and make yours by incorporating your brand.

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