Secure Digital Finance

Wultra® provides leading banks and fintech companies with security solutions for their internet and mobile apps. Thanks to our products, financial institutions can meet compliance with the regulatory requirements, and more importantly, detect and stop cyberattacks and protect their apps against a wide range of threats.

Our broader value proposition is peace of mind for financial institutions and their clients. The customers can trust the financial institutions with their money, and the financial institutions can provide appropriate assurance of customer protection within their digital channels. People who use banking services can then enjoy user-friendly apps while their data is safe and actively protected.

Our Story

Petr Dvořák founded Wultra® in 2014 with the firm belief that products for digital banking security should be 10x better and 10x more affordable. After a very short time, the quality of our products became apparent to the market and Wultra® became the leading digital banking security provider in the Czech Republic. Currently, the company is expanding internationally, putting most of its focus towards the Central European and South-Eastern European markets.


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