Careers at Wultra

Protect the Digital Finance World-Wide

Step up your career by building reliable software systems that are in the backbone of cybersecurity products that protect millions of digital banking and fintech customers all around the globe.

Become a Guardian of Digital Finance

Life savings of millions of people world-wide are in danger. Cybercriminals do not sleep and become ever more sophisticated when planning their evil deeds. We are fighting our battles but we may need your help. Are you up for the challenge?

Building a Global Organization

We are on an important mission. We are saving the world from cybercriminals. This is why we look for people who are motivated by our company vision, who already took some interest in digital security, and who are looking to do a fulfiling work with global impact while working with amazing colleagues in a fully remote setup. People who prefer surviving in a souless corporation doing a job they don't like just because it pays well will not be a great fit for us.

Fully Remote Team

We welcome talented people from all across the globe. After the COVID-19 pandemics, we closed our main office and switched to a fully remote work with "decentralized hackerspaces" for occasional team synchronization and meetups.

Work Anytime

Smart work is not automated and the best ideas may not come on the "9-5" schedule.

Equal Salary

The work you do has the same value for us, no matter where you work from or who you are.

Family Friendly

Spend time with your family and see your children grow, instead of traveling to work to make money.

Be You, At Your Best

We are a product oriented company. Building excellent products requires the best people on the team. We understand this and we offer you the chance to do the best work of your lifetime.

Quality First

The work is done only when it's done right. We never commit to short deadlines and we never get caught in rush deliveries.

Top Equpiment

Your time is expensive, hardware and software is cheap. We make sure you have everything you need to do your work without an obstacle.

Latest Technologies

We constantly innovate and update our tech stack to avoid the legacy issues in our software and - mainly - in our engineers' heads.

"A" Player Colleagues

Whenever you seek an optimal solution to a problem or get stuck at your work, people around will be there and help you move forward.

Open-Source Software

Showcase the source code you write on Github and clear your head by writing the software documentation for our public developer portal.

Grow and Learn

If you need to learn a new topic or technology, you have all the time you need to study and become a field expert. Coursera subscription is a nice bonus.

We Let Our People Do The Talking...

Thanks to Wultra, I became a better software developer by working with some of the greatest people in the banking security area. I improved my expertise in cryptography, mastered the Spring framework, deepened my Java skills, and even learned a bit about mobile development from my colleagues. I really enjoy working on open source projects and appreciate that I can work remotely from my cottage.

Roman Štrobl
Senior Software Engineer

At Wultra, I got the opportunity to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in many areas - from the creative part of marketing to strictly defined ISO 27001 documentation. The great variety of equally important tasks, the results of which are visible externally and internally, and support in adopting new competencies drives me forward a lot. Being surrounded by such open-minded and progressive people who are always ready to help, just like everyone at Wultra is, as well as being part of such an utterly important industry, is truly a blessing.

Anna Dvořáková
Operations Manager

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