advanced facial biometrics

New customer onboarding, mobile app activation, and reactivation can often be tedious processes for both you and your customers. Streamline them with our solution, which allows your clients to perform these tasks remotely and with just one look.

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Mobile phone with a selfie verification on the screen
Quick to Deploy

Our implementation plan is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient rollout of the solution.


Under the hood, we use technologies certified by the most reputable authorities.

Great to Use

Your customers will love the passwordless experience provided by our solutions.

and Seamless Onboarding 
and Authentication 

Our solution ensures a secure user onboarding flow, provides robust identity verification, and establishes an authentication mechanism for easy, secure access.

use cases

When are advanced biometrics put into action?

By securely verifying a user's identity, we establish a robust authentication mechanism for an array of use cases. Provide your customers with a frictionless, secure authentication process while also saving on your help desk support costs.

Illustration depicting use cases for biometric authentication. Symbols: padlock key, bank, facial recognition
New Customer Onboarding

Empower your clients to open a bank account or secure a loan in less than 5 minutes, all from the comfort of their own home.


Simplify new application registration for your clients and grant them immediate access to your app.


Introduce a self-service account recovery and device migration system to reduce stress for your clients while maximizing cost savings for your business.


Carefully review suspicious transactions (such as high-value or repeated transactions) to ensure comprehensive fraud prevention measures.

finding a match

How are customers securely verified?

Active video verification matches the person in front of the device with a user's biometric profile that was created from a trusted photo uploaded from one of the following data sources:

  • Your own database of client images
  • A government database
  • Extracted information from a pre-uploaded ID of the user
  • A selfie your already logged in customer has uploaded
Illustration depicting how data for biometric authentication are mateched to a customers profile. Symbols: mobile phone, people
Your Own User Experience

Deployed with just a few lines of code

Integrate our technology into your mobile banking app to cover all use cases, both on the web and within the app itself. The best part? You can deploy it in a snap.

FaceBiometrics.launch(token: token) { status in
    if status == .success(result) {
        let frame: UIImage? = result.frame
    } else if status == .failure(result) {
        let reason: FailureReason = result.reason
        let feedbackCode: String = reason.feedbackCode
        let localizedDescription: String = result.localizedDescription
        let frame: UIImage? = result.frame
    } else {

User-Friendly, Deepfake-Proof

Our solution sets the highest standards for identity verification.

Right person, right here, right now

We verify an individual's identity, confirm account access, and ensure their real-time presence, preventing video spoofing.

AI deepfake prevention

Our technology defends against generative AI attacks, face swaps, and deepfakes.

Passwordless security

By eliminating the use of passwords and SMS OTPs, we bolster security against phishing attacks.

  • Fast and convenient UX - no additional steps required, just look into the camera​
  • Industry-leading success rates - typically > 98%​
  • Works on any device - compatibility with apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop and mobile web browsers
  • Robust security - prevention of a wide scope of digital attacks, including account takeover


  • How our solution works and details tailored to your specific case.
  • How we've helped other financial organizations and banks reduce costs and improve user experience.
  • Licensing options and pricing of our product.
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