Protect your digital accounts from phishing and malware using the ultimate strong first factor via a personal identity device. Talisman is the world's only authenticator that provides secure access with the simplicity and convenience of a mobile app. Get ready for PSD3 and the secure future of authentication!

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Easy to Use

A two-line display guides you to confirm and approve transactions directly on the device.

Top security

The most secure access to your internet banking safeguards against phishing and malware.

Unmatched Pricing

Get a feature-packed personal identity device at a fraction of the usual cost.

The Ultimate SCA Solution 
As Effortless as a Mobile App

Talisman has a familiar design but offers advanced functionality and usage. Its two-line display shows transaction details for easy confirmation, providing user experience as intuitive as a mobile phone. For banks and fintechs, integrating Talisman is simple and requires no major changes to existing infrastructure.

easy to set up, even easier to use

guided authentication

Talisman's magic lies in its two-line display, which guides you through the authentication process. Use the PIN keyboard for direct approval on the device. Review all transaction details at a glance to ensure its accuracy.

icon of hardware token security key

Simply connect our device to your service and start using it. No software installation, CDs, or extensions needed, ensuring complete self-service device enrollment.


Have we mentioned that our device is superior to a traditional security key? Here's why: Talisman doesn't generate OTPs for transcription, which makes it highly user-friendly.

Visual transaction confirmations

Initiate transactions in your internet banking and continue the process using Talisman. Confirm each step as it appears on the display, following the What You See Is What You Sign principle.

Compatible with any infrastructure

SIMPLE customer enrollment

The FIDO2 standard, which is supported by all major browsers and operating systems, makes getting started with Talisman a breeze. Simply integrate the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard into your web banking system and distribute tokens to your users.

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FIRST-RATE security

stop phishing for good

Don't let Talisman's simplicity fool you: Under the hood lies a robust security solution that handles the heavy lifting to deliver top-notch phishing resistance and malware protection.

100% compliant

fido2 meets PSd3

Talisman is the only security key that's both PSD3 and FIDO2-ready. Combined with full transaction details displayed on the device, Talisman ensures dynamic linking and complete compliance with current PSD2 regulations.

unmatched pricing


You might think all this comes with a hefty price tag. Here's the good news: Our pricing is unbeatable. For the advanced functionality we offer, our prices start as low as:

€ 15 / unit

  • For orders beginning at 1,000 units
  • Branded option available
who is talisman for?

Suitable for a wide range of customer needs

Whenever you need enhanced security measures or to access joint accounts, Talisman is here for you. Our solution works for:


Payment and settlement, IT and security, internal audit, and fraud prevention teams

business customers

Business owners, managers, and accounts payable/receivable (AP/AR) teams

retail customers

Clients without smartphones, internet banking users, and joint account holders



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