Meet the YRIS App: The French Mobile Digital ID

The new French digital ID platform YRIS, handcrafted by the excellent ARIADNEXT company (part of idNow), recently obtained a CSPN certification by ANSSI for the core of the authentication system. The naked eye does not see, though, that technology by Wultra ticks in its heart.

Read the full press release at the ARIADNEXT website:

We are incredibly pleased that the solution by ARIADNEXT that uses our authentication components obtained the prestigious CSPN certification by ANSSI. This success proves that authentication technologies by Wultra are first-class on a global level.

Interested in Mobile Token?

Mobile Token from Wultra is an easy-to-use two-factor (2FA) authenticator app for iPhone and Android. Thanks to strong cryptography, the mobile app makes access to digital applications quick and easy yet more secure than authentication with passwords and SMS codes.