Vista Bank Romania Strengthens Its Mobile Apps with Wultra Security Components

Vista Bank Romania has selected our industry-leading app shielding and anti-malware technologies to protect their mobile banking and mobile token apps. As a result, Vista Bank offers a robust level of security to its clients, who remain safeguarded against threats originating from banker malware and software vulnerabilities on iOS and Android systems.

Compliance requirements, a high emphasis on mobile app security, and building trust with end customers were the key decision-making factors for Vista Bank while choosing Wultra. However, from our point of view, there's an even more noteworthy benefit to working with our team: Instead of needing to build security features in-house, Vista Bank could fully focus its efforts on making their mobile apps fast, user-friendly, and packed with useful features that bring value to its clients.

Besides the enhanced protection while using Vista Bank Romania mobile apps, our Mobile Banking customers gain an extra-benefit, since the “Malwarelytics” anti-malware feature for Android protects their entire mobile devices as well.
Ciprian STANICA-EZEANU Information Security Officer

Malwarelytics by Wultra protects the Vista Bank apps from mobile malware on Android devices. From the bank’s perspective, proactively confronting the issue of mobile malware is a smart move towards combating newly emerging digital threats. Mobile malware is a quickly growing phenomenon — increasing numbers of users worldwide are targeted by malware such as Anubis, Cerberus, and Event Bot. Regulators have acknowledged this trend as well, and PSD2 mandates checking for signs of malware infection during strong customer authentication. What's more, the bank has a new tool to enhance client relationships by offering an extra benefit: Malwarelytics can help clients become aware of when their devices become infected and keep their overall mobile data safe.

Integrated App Shielding (RASP = Runtime Application Self-Protection) actively protects mobile apps against sophisticated cyber-attacks, allowing them to run securely even on highly infected devices. Whenever a suspicious activity occurs, App Shielding responds by taking necessary countermeasures to protect the end-user. With minimal overhead, it maintains optimal user experience and app speed while preventing attackers from modifying a mobile app during runtime or at rest. By securing mobile runtime, App Shielding also improves regulatory compliance with PSD2 legislation.

Vista Bank affirms its position in the Romanian market through modern digital products offered to its clients. The bank's fresh mobile banking and mobile token apps, now protected with Malwarelytics and App Shielding by Wultra, are perfect examples of such products.

About Vista Bank Romania

Vista Bank has been present in the Romanian banking market since 1998, when it was formerly known as Marfin Bank Romania. Following the taking over in July 2018 by one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Southeast Europe, the bank has seen a significant strengthening of its business, management, and strategy. With a network of 31 branches, Vista Bank provides modern, personalized financial solutions and superior customer service to medium and large corporate clients as well as affluent customers.

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