Brand Assets

Learn About the Wultra Brand and Download Company Logos

The Logo

Full Logo

Use full logo as a default, the preferred version for most of the use-cases is the one with the black background. The white background version is the best for print.

PNG Format

SVG Format

Square Logo

Use square logo in contexts where smaller, more visual format works the best, such as app icons, social media profile pictures, cutouts, hats or badges. The white background version is the best for print.

PNG Format

SVG Format

The Fonts

We believe that simple fonts with clean lines work the best. We also believe that using a font family that is open and freely available simplifies many things. This is why we use the Source Sans Pro font by Paul D. Hunt.

For a regular text, we use the "light" (300) weight. We use "regular" (400) weight in combination with darker color to emphasize. For the headings, we use "regular" (400) or "bold" (700) weight. Finally, the "black" (900) weight goes for the main document titles. As a general rule of thumb, we avoid using "italic" or "underline".

The Colors

The Main Brand Colors


Main Brand Color


Secondary Brand Color


Highlight Brand Color


Highlight Brand Color


Alert Color

Various Shades of Gray




Regular Text





Solution Partner Banners

Our Solution Partners can use the following banners for propagation on their website or other printed or digital materials.

PNG Format

SVG Format


Our company videos are an excellent example of branding asset usage. You can embed them on any website using the Vimeo embed, or download the source file for sharing on the social media.

Company Introduction

Use this video whenever you want to introduce Wultra as a company. Our intro video presents the company vision and broader scope of what we are about.

Recruitment Video

If you want to share HR promotions on our company, the recruitment video reel is just perfect for that! It introduces the basic principles we are built upon and it encourages people to apply for the job at Wultra.