IT Analyst

Help us improve our products by creating product documentation for our developers, testers, and clients.


What Will You Do?

  • Create and manage product documentation to be used by our developers, testers, and clients alike.
  • Conduct a system analysis based on the design from senior colleagues to help with the smooth development and increased testability of our products.
  • Provide support in gathering client requirements and aid in the preparation of product roadmaps.
  • Support the sales team in the technical presentation of our products to existing and prospective clients with professionalism and enthusiasm. Effectively demonstrate Wultra’s products from a technical perspective to audiences of varied technical knowledge.
  • Understand clients’ technical requests and formulate informative answers for proposals. Respond to technical queries regarding our products’ design, solution, architecture, security, and teams.
  • Consult with clients on the architecture and details of our products as well as their projects within the sales process. Architect solutions to meet customer requirements using industry and technological best practices.
  • Provide technical training and consultancy to the sales team.
  • Participate in giving time estimates for our projects.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • A structured person with good communication skills.
  • A quick learner who is interested in cyber-security and isn’t afraid of taking on challenges.
  • An analyst experienced in the creation of IT system analysis and with basic knowledge of UML.
  • Experience in the creation of product documentation and technical description of features.
  • Someone with strong communication and writing skills in both Czech and English.
  • Good technical knowledge:
  • ~ API design using the OpenAPI Specification.
  • ~ Process design and documentation.
  • ~ Description and interaction of software components.
  • ~ Knowledge of SQL (optional).
  • A colleague with a security background (e.g. application security, cryptography, or mobile security).

What Will You Learn?

  • How to create cryptography design: You’ll bring various ciphers and techniques together to create a resilient system.

What Are We Offering?

  • A powerful company vision.
  • Salary: 80 000 - 100 000 CZK / month.
  • The latest MacBook with the top configuration.
  • The opportunity to work on software used by millions.
  • Great freedom in working from anywhere and at any time, as long as the work is done.
  • Work on both open-source and closed-source projects.
  • Skilled colleagues to help you grow.

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