How Wultra and GETIK Joined Forces to Provide Authentication for Banks in Romania and Moldova

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Here’s how Wultra’s strategic partnership with GETIK delivers meaningful benefits to internet banking providers.

It’s no secret that today’s banking customers are no longer willing to rely on payment cards and hardware tokens for each and every transaction that they make. Instead, a seamless authentication experience using solely a mobile device has become the norm — and it’s a trend that is becoming increasingly adopted in markets across the globe.

Technical consultancy firms have taken notice of this evolution in customer behavior, and they’re responding accordingly. GETIK, who develops online banking and core-system platforms for financial institutions with an ambition to improve financial lives of banking customers, is a great example of such a forward-looking firm. 

How GETIK Became Our Solution Partner

In 2019, GETIK was searching for an easy-to-deploy authentication solution that could meet the evolving needs of banking customers. Their team was committed to finding a solution that didn’t rely on hardware tokens, legacy solutions, or additional authenticator apps. 

The solution itself wasn’t the only thing that GETIK was after, though — it was equally important for GETIK to invest in a partner who could discuss technical details, concerns, and challenges related to implementing modern, secure authentication.

This is where Wultra comes in: In July 2020, GETIK chose Wultra as a solution partner to fit their team’s specific needs and provide ongoing support to their team. To bolster the security and compliance of their solutions, Wultra provides GETIK with modern authentication solutions for both web and mobile financial applications that are integrated into GETIK’s solutions for their clients.

Wultra is always available to provide our customers with additional support and insights — this ensures that our customers fully understand our joint solutions’ functionality as well as the high level of security that they can benefit from. Our team has an excellent collaboration with Wultra’s technical experts and we are looking forward to expanding our partnership in the upcoming future.

Ghenadie Dumanov, GETIK

Founder and CEO

What Have Wultra and GETIK Achieved Together?

With GETIK on board as our solution partner, we've successfully delivered an array of meaningful projects together. Wultra’s straightforward deployment strategy has further streamlined our collaboration — after GETIK first implemented Wultra’s solution and integrated it into one of their clients’ internet banking systems, they were able to use the same settings when onboarding new clients later on without requiring any additional setup.

The mutual benefits of our partnership are powerful: While GETIK delivers our systems to its clients, Wultra has been able to expand our reach to key players in the Romanian and Moldovan markets.

Here’s a breakdown of our joint achievements to date:

  • Vista Bank: After equipping Vista Bank’s mobile banking and mobile token apps with Wultra’s industry-leading app shielding and anti-malware technologies, GETIK currently delivers our systems to 10,000 active users at this esteemed Romanian bank.

  • Credit Europe Bank: Wultra’s solutions protect an additional 30,000 active users at Credit Europe Bank, a distinguished Romanian financial institution that has been present in the country’s financial market since 1993.

  • Exim Bank Romaneasca: We’ve extended our solutions to 30,000 additional active users at Romania’s Exim Bank Romaneasca via its e-ximBanking app.

  • TechVentures Bank: TechVentures has 10,000 active users that benefit from our solutions, which are integrated into its TechVentures ONline mobile banking app.

  • OTP Bank: GETIK has also introduced us to many important organizations within the Moldovan banking sector. It currently provides our solution to roughly 80,000 active users at OTP Bank, a prominent financial institution in Moldova.

 We’d like to extend a big thanks to GETIK for being our valued partner. Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming projects.




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