Equa Bank: Secure Open Banking and PSD2 Compliance

At a Glance

Czech Republic (EU)

Institution Type:
Retail and corporate banking

Wultra Solutions:
Mobile Security Suite
App Shielding
PSD2 Enabler

Clients Served:

Mobile application by Equa bank relies on security technologies by Wultra, on both iOS and Android platforms.

Thanks to our solution, users can log in and confirm payments easily, either with a PIN code or biometric authentication, all with the superb security. Our Mobile Security Suite, App Shielding and antivirus for mobile banking - Malwarelytics protects the mobile banking app by Equa bank on three different levels.

We also provide a central authentication page for Equa bank's PSD2 API via our PSD2 Enabler product, helping the bank achieve the compliance with the regulatory requirements.