Securing The Raiffeisenbank Digital Banking Channels

At a Glance

Czech Republic (EU)

Institution Type:
Retail and corporate banking

Wultra Solutions:
Mobile Security Suite
Mobile Token
App Shielding

Clients Served:
More than 500,000

Total Assets:
EUR 16,8 billion

A Brand New Authentication Method

Wultra helps Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic, the most customer-friendly bank in the Czech Republic, to replace and update the security components of all retail digital banking channels.

In the scope of our current project, we are delivering a robust solution for the strong customer authentication (SCA), mobile runtime protection and mobile anti-malware solution.

To cover the bank's requirements, we are implementing our Wultra Mobile Token solution for iOS and Android to cover the SCA topic for the Internet banking, and also our Wultra Mobile Security Suite for SCA in the mobile banking (we are replacing the existing authentication and authorization module developed inhouse).

Our Mobile Token app is of course protected with App Shielding and includes detections of mobile malware to provide the best degree of security.

Read our post about RB Key mobile token app.

Thanks to the security components by Wultra, we quickly responded to an increasing threat of mobile malware attacks and hardened our application security.
Tomáš Rosa, Chief Cryptologist

Securing Mobile eKonto

After Raiffeisenbank released a new version of their Mobile eKonto app in winter 2018, the security was one of the main selling points, and of course, Wultra helped make it even more robust.

App Shielding by Wultra protects the mobile banking app in combination with our Malwarelytics® for Mobile Banking, and therefore, the app can resist sophisticated attacks on mobile operating systems and runtime, as well as attacks by the current mobile banking malware.