Dynamic TLS/SSL Pinning

Protect your iOS and Android app from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks by certificate pinning with secure over-the-air certificate updates.

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Never Let an Expired Certificate Surprise You

If your server certificate expires, end users no longer need to forcefully update the app. Instead, you can import a new certificate in our back-end systems. The mobile app will automatically pick it up over a secure channel and use it for certificate pinning during communication with your servers.

  • No more issues with expired TLS/SSL certificates
  • Fast and simple implementation on iOS and Android
  • Hosted option in the cloud or on-premise deployment
A diagram of a dynamic ssl pinning.
Drop-in Implementation

Minimalist Code for Maximum Channel Security

Our dynamic TLS/SSL pinning does all the magic under the hood. You can focus on building your app — simply adding the dependency and low-code configuration does the trick.

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