Company Values

1. Looking at the Big Picture

The world is complex. Focusing on narrowly specialized tasks does no longer the trick. Our strength lies in combining multiple skills: understanding the regulatory, security, and user experience elements of digital banking and finance, as well as digital security details or modern technologies in general.

2. Products People Can Trust

The security of financial products is no joke. Our customers and partners rely on our products and their correct functionality. We strive to deliver the highest quality possible and adapt processes to mitigate any potential failure. Whenever we are in a position where we can take a shortcut or do the right thing, we chose the second option.

3. Personal Freedom and Responsibility

We do not limit people who work for us in what they can achieve. Working at our company is like having a blank canvas. It is up to everyone how we paint it together. It does not matter when our people work and where they work from, as long as they are helping us achieve the big goals set in our company vision.

4. Culture of Honesty

Our employees can discuss every topic, and all information is transparent and available to anyone. Rather than keep their lips closed, we encourage our people to speak up if they don't like something, no matter how unpleasant or difficult the conversation may be. We do not conceal any important information - from our colleagues, partners, or customers.

5. Open Working Environment

People are different, and we accept it. The power of our company comes from diversity and multiple talents. The success of everyone at our company is based on merit and performance, not on sex, age, the color of skin, or political or religious views.

6. Organized Chaos

Sometimes, things may seem a bit chaotic. This is because we solve big things. The problems that we deal with are complicated, and we need to come up with solutions that are often original in the market. It may take us some time to get them right, and we might make some mistakes along the way and learn from them. There are often no existing recipes to guide us in what we do, and this is good. If there are no guidelines, there are no limitations.

7. Learning For Life

As technologies and the world change, remaining stale becomes dangerous. We are open to new technologies and approaches. While we are not the adopters of bleeding-edge technologies, we adopt technologies as the early majority. We constantly evaluate if what we do works or not and act according to it.