Mobile Token

Make access to all your digital channels easier for your customers with a highly secure and user-friendly means of authentication and authorizing operations – a simple mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Key Features

Simple PIN or Fingerprint Scan

Your clients can sign in with an easy-to-remember numeric password (PIN) or a fingerprint.

Easy Activation and Self Service

The mobile token can be easily activated and managed through various channels, such as internet banking or an ATM.

Support for Push Notifications

Your users will be alerted by a push message at just the right moment so they do not have to search for the app.

One Token for All Applications

Your clients do not have to install a specific mobile app for each digital channel. They can use just one.

Document Signatures

Signing a contract amendment with a private key signature has never been easier. Just enter the PIN and it’s done!

Context-based Security

Your clients can secure their Mobile Token even more using wearable devices commonly available today.