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Financial organizations from EU approaching markets have opened up the question of how to deal with PSD2 compliance. Let us lend a helping hand.
Register for our workshop to understand the legislation better. We will cover its use cases and answer questions related to your business.

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Invite us for a coffee and get a free, customized PSD2 workshop with our specialists.

We have delivered solutions for PSD2 compliance to multiple clients in the EU throughout the past years. We know PSD2 legislation inside out, and we navigate its complexity and caveats with confidence. We would love to meet with you and share our expertise to help you avoid common pitfalls.

content of the workshop

We will cover an overview of the regulation, impact on your organization, market best practices and project roadmap tips and tricks.

who should attend

Workshop is suitable for top-level executives, digital product owners, compliance officers and security officers.

format and duration

We can offer In-person meeting or web call, according to your preference and it typically takes 2-3 hours.

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  • Submit Use Case: Send us your specific use case details.
  • Workshop Scheduling: We'll contact you to set up the workshop.
  • Join our in person meeting or a web call with 2-3 hours duration.
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