Antivirus for Mobile Banking

Mobile banking continues to grow each year.  By 2020, over 60 % of global banks expect to be digitally mature.  As the use of digital channels advances, so do the malware threats to it. We have the security solution to protect your clients!

Protect Your Android Users

It is no longer possible to dismiss the threat that applications installed on the end-user device pose to mobile banking.  Android devices are particularly vulnerable, as malware is often distributed via Google Play.  The need for secure digital channels is greater than ever and our Antivirus gives users an added layer of security.  Antivirus detects and protects against malware attacks by screening all of the apps on the end-users device.  It works hard to give you peace of mind!

Detects Malware

Antivirus detects malware and protects from it even when the app is not running.  It can then remove threats by allowing an easy uninstall of the malicious app while reliably termination the mobile banking application.

Client-side Component 

Examines all applications installed on the end users Android device.  Most users neglect to download an antivirus, our version of the product is already built in and requires no additional action by your customers. 

App Scoring

Our Antivirus software scores the threat level of the apps that it scans, classifying why an app is in a given category.  Threats are downloaded into an intelligence database that is used to protect others as well.

Benefits of our Antivirus

Runs a proactive scan, checking all app updates and new installations.

Own malware database and evaluation of new threts in our Threat Intelligence Center.

Not intrusive, unlike a standalone antivirus app, it protects the user without popups or ads.

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