Securing MONETA Money Bank's Best Rated App

"Banking Innovator of 2019" and "Mobile App of the Year 2017"

At a Glance

Czech Republic (EU)

Institution Type:
Retail and corporate banking

Wultra Solutions:
Mobile Security Suite
App Shielding
Antivirus for Mobile Banking


Clients Served:
~ 1,000,000

MONETA Money Bank managed to build a top-notch mobile banking app in less than a year and delivered stunning features that were above the market expectations at the time, such as support for Touch ID or Apple Watch.

Mobile banking app by MONETA Money Bank is our flagship reference for the Wultra Mobile Security Suite.

The application was awarded a “Mobile App of The Year 2017”, and it retains the highest rating on the local App Store and Google Play markets among all mobile banking apps, with a score as high as 4.8.

MONETA Money Bank innovates fast and quickly introduced modern features including an iPad app, a payment approval via Face ID and quick payments via iMessage app. Wultra Mobile Security Suite powers all these features.

Wultra authentication technology is also used with new customer acquisition process.  This process is unique on the Czech market. A newcomer is able to open a bank account right from the mobile app and begin using it to manage their accounts in the matter of minutes.

MONETA Money Bank uses our App Shielding and Antivirus for Mobile Banking to make their mobile apps even more secure. These products allow the app to resist threats from mobile malware and withstand various attacks to the operating system weaknesses.