Mobile App Shielding

Active In-App Protection for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Shielding prevents attackers from modifying your app during runtime or at rest. It protects your app's process and memory, makes app repackaging extremely complex, and provides protection against mobile malware.

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devices jailbroken or rooted


apps come from alternative stores


devices infected with malware

Harden Your Mobile App Security

Mobile malware and cyber attackers became extremely sophisticated. They are looking for new ways to hack your mobile apps and cause damage. By misusing the mobile operating system features, they can gain an advantage and steal your users’ personal data or even money. Avoid these devastating consequences. After all, your business reputation is at stake! The App Shielding prevents the most common threats that mobile apps are facing these days and helps your organization stay safe and compliant.

Rooted Devices

Device rooting or jailbreak disables security features provided by the mobile operating system, which opens the device to the attackers.

Mobile Malware

Your users can put themselves in serious danger by downloading malicious apps, such as spyware or banker malware.

Insecure Runtime

Mobile operating systems, be it an Android or iOS, may be outdated and contain severe vulnerabilities that pose threat to your users.

By 2022, at least 50% of successful attacks against clickjacking and mobile apps could have been prevented using in-app protection.
Gartner, Market Guide for In-App Protection

Benefits for CISO

Comply with the strictest OWASP standard requirements on mobile app security and mobile application resilience, as well as with PSD2 requirements on secure runtime.

✔  Mobile malware
✔  Debugger connection
✔  Emulator or virtualized environment
✔  Rooting or jailbreak
✔  Code injection
✔  Runtime library lnjection
✔  Hooking frameworks

✔  System and user screenshots
✔  Untrusted keyboards
✔  Untrusted screen-readers
✔  Native code hooks
✔  External screen sharing
✔  Man-in-the-app scenarios
✔  Man-in-the-middle scenarios

✔  App repackaging
✔  Compromising asset integrity
✔  Overlay attacks
✔  Key extraction (white-box crypto)
✔  Extraction of other sensitive data
✔  Device cloning
✔  Untrusted App Marketplaces

Online Security Dashboard

Monitor and investigate security incidents in your mobile apps

Monitor Threats

See all the threats that occur on your devices in our comprehensive dashboard, or in Kibana.

Stop Risky Apps

See the risk level posed to your users by the apps they install and stop problematic ones in an instant.

Examine Devices

See the details of devices used by your app users and understand the risk factor of their device setup better.

Real-Time Threat Prevention

Protect your customers from cyberattacks 24x7 with automation

Active Watchdogs

Get notified about incidents as soon as their happen through an e-mail message,  Slack alert or a webhook.

System Integration

Connect your systems to our database through RESTful API and stop attacks when happen.

Smart Protection

Inform your customers about security incidents right on their smartphone and provide a clear path to a fix.

Integrates With Your Pipeline

Implement App Shielding in your app in 10 minutes with zero lines of code thanks to our automated integration utility, or plug our mobile SDK in for better control over the security features.

Supporting Your Code

Integrate Mobile App Shielding into your iOS or Android app easily thanks to our rich platform support.

Ensure Your App Complies With the PSD2 Legislation

Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a EU legislation that homogenizes requirements on digital banking security and mandates banks and payment service providers to aim for a more trustworthy payment environment.

In the requirements on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), PSD2 regulatory technical standards (RTS) define that apps that access payment accounts must implement security measures to mitigate the risk which would result from the use of compromised mobile or tablet devices.

The legislation specifically requires the following:

  • A separate secure execution environment for any SCA scenarios.
  • Mechanisms to assure the integrity of mobile device and an app.
  • Measures to mitigate the consequences of a compromised apps or devices.

Our industry leading App Shielding solution helps you meet the security requirements of the PSD2 legislation, as well as deliver proactive protection to your customers.

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