Mobile Authentication SDK

Secure muti-factor authentication and payment approvals for your fintech app or mobile banking. Deployed in a snap.

Quick to Deploy

Add financial-grade authentication to your app with just a few of lines of code.


Under the hood, we use technologies certified by the most reputable authorities.

Great to Use

Your customers will love the passwordless experience provided by our solutions.

And of course, our mobile authentication solution is fully compliant with strong customer authentication (SCA) and dynamic linking requirements outlined by the PSD2 legislation.

Focused on Developers

A Plug-in for Your Fintech Mobile App

Embed our authentication technology into your mobile financial app with just a couple of lines of code and use passwordless strong customer authentication (SCA) technology for user login and operation approvals.

Mobile Token App
Deliver a passwordless user experience to your web customers with our authenticator app for iOS and Android. 
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Server-Side Deployment Options

  • On-premise via a Docker Image
  • In the cloud (SaaS) in MS Azure

Pick the mobile technology you love.
We are ready for it.

Build awesome fintech apps. Leave the secure and compliant authentication to us.

Zero Friction with Mobile Biometrics

Leverage the power of Face ID and Touch ID to deliver a passwordless user experience during login and payment approvals in your fintech app.

Ultra Secure PIN Keyboard

User's PIN code should only exist in the user's head. Our engineers made this super complex simple idea happen. This is why whenever the biometrics won't work, users can use a convenient alternative.

Flexible Device Registration 

Your customers can activate the app using a broad range of credentials. Be it a QR code scan, activation link, ID document and selfie scan, or a combination of any custom credential attributes we can verify.

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  • How we can help implement secure authentication in your fintech or mobile banking app.
  • How we've helped other financial organizations and banks reduce costs and improve user experience.
  • Licensing options and pricing of our product.

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