Mobile Token

Make access to all your digital channels easier for your customers with a highly secure and user-friendly means of authentication and authorizing operations - a simple mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Ultimate User Convenience

Fast and convenient payments are a must-have for modern banking services as today’s tech-savvy customers are ever more demanding. At the same time, both security and regulatory compliance must not be compromised. With the Wultra Mobile Token, a simple app for iOS or Android, signing in or approving a payment is a breeze. A secure and PSD2 compliant breeze.

User Convenience

Let your app users log in and approve payments in a fast and convenient manner.

PSD2 Compliance

Meet the PSD2 requirements on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Secure Runtime

The Mobile token app is protected by industry-leading App Shielding technology.

Rich Branding

You can make the mobile token app yours by incorporating your brand.

Time to Market

Our typical customer integrates our solution in less than six months.

Cost Efficient

We overperform our competition on both features and pricing.

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