Mobile Token 

Simplify access to your digital channels with a highly secure and user-friendly method of passwordless Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Quick to Deploy

Swiftly install and integrate our mobile token with just a few of lines of code.


Under the hood, we use technologies certified by the most reputable authorities.

Great to Use

Your customers will love the passwordless experience provided by our solutions.

Fast, convenient logins and payments are must-haves for modern banking. At the same time, both security and regulatory compliance must not be compromised. With our standalone mobile token app or a plugin for mobile banking, signing in or approving payments through push notifications is a breeze.

A Beautiful App in Your Brand

Deliver a passwordless user experience to your customers with our authenticator app for iOS and Android. The app is packed with rich customization options and will perfectly match the look and feel of your organization.

Your Own User Experience

A Plug-in for Your Mobile Banking

Embed our authentication technology into your mobile banking app and use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) technology for approvals both on the web and in the mobile banking app itself. The best part: You can deploy it in a snap, either as on-premises software or in our secure cloud.

Authentication for Mobile Banking
Use our mobile authentication SDK to add login and transaction signing to your mobile banking app.
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Deployment Options

  • On-premise via a Docker Image
  • In the cloud (SaaS) in MS Azure

Ready-Made Features

First, we implemented all the features necessary in a modern mobile ID.
Then, we kept going to make our product the very best it can be.

Face ID Support

Easily log in and approve payments with facial biometrics.

Secure PIN Code

Enforce a strong PIN and don't leave a trace of it in memory.

Digital Onboarding

Acquire new customers or recover existing customer access in five minutes.

Message Inbox

Communicate with your customers via real-time messages.

Security Advisor

Identify malware and other threats lurking on a mobile device.

Offline Mode

Approve operations even if a mobile device doesn't have signal.

Learn More About Specific Use Cases

Replace SMS OTP with a mobile app

Provide user-friendly, secure, compliant and cost-effective login and payment approval experience with your own branded mobile token app.

Add secure PIN code to my fintech app

Add financial-grade multi-factor login and transaction signing to your mobile app with just a couple lines of code.

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  • How we can help make the change in your organization.
  • How we've helped other financial organizations and banks reduce costs and improve user experience.
  • Licensing options and pricing of our product.

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