2023 Product Release Notes: Mobile Token and PowerAuth

December 7, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital authentication, Wultra is proud to announce a series of updates and improvements to our mobile-first authentication, specifically for our mobile-first authentication solutions that we’ve made during 2023. The new features that we’ve rolled out in both of these products are designed to deliver an increasingly seamless, easy-to-deploy authentication experience to our clients and their customers.

Here’s how our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the financial landscape is reflected in the enhancements made to Mobile Token and PowerAuth:

Unleashing New Features in Mobile Token

This year, we’ve packed a host of new features into our Mobile Token solution that focus on elevating user experience and operational efficiency. In our releases made during 2023, we’ve launched the following capabilities:

  • Operations history: Users can now view the details of past operations with Mobile Token’s operations history feature, which provides them with a comprehensive overview of their activity.
  • Operations countdown: By staying informed about the time left to approve an operation with the help of an operations countdown, we’ve ensured that users can make transactions in a timely, secure manner.
  • Inbox: Banks can now communicate directly with customers through our Mobile Token’s inbox feature, which facilitates seamless communication and boosts the overall user experience.
  • UI enhancements and upgraded imagery: Users can now enjoy a more visually-enhanced experience when making transactions using NFTs or cryptocurrencies. Images of NFTs or crypto logos are now visible in a transaction’s confirmation step as well as the user’s operations history.

Raising the Bar for Passwordless Authentication

In October 2023, Wultra unveiled the latest version of PowerAuth, our certified, PSD2 compliant solution for passwordless strong customer authentication (SCA). Our most recent release rolled out significant improvements and widened our supported database servers. Moreover, we’ve strengthened our cryptographic measures and have implemented safeguards against the repeated transmission of identical data, also known as replay attacks, to ensure that our solution remains at the forefront of the authentication landscape.

Here’s a detailed look at PowerAuth’s noteworthy new improvements and features:

  • Improved prevention of replay attacks: On top of carrying out uniqueness checks in the high-level protocol, we’ve incorporated the detection and prevention of replay attacks directly in our standard ECIES encryption and token digests, which incorporate the checks in the base cryptography level.
  • REST API advancements: The latest REST API updates enhance the registration process by introducing support for multiple pending registrations per user when creating registrations. The registration list now includes detailed platform and device information. The service for creating an operation has been improved to allow for a specific expiration time per operation. Additionally, a timestamp of an operation's finalization has been added to the operation detail. Developers can also now access registration history through the newly added service.
  • MS SQL support: In addition to PostgreSQL, PowerAuth Cloud now extends its support to MS SQL database servers.

What’s Next for Wultra’s Authentication Solutions?

As we celebrate these big milestones in the development of our passwordless authentication solutions, our team remains devoted to continuously improving our product offering. Not only are we adapting to the challenges of today — we’re also looking ahead toward what’s to come in the financial landscape of tomorrow.

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