mojeID Digital Identification Has Launched Throughout the EU

mojeID has recently been certified for EU-wide use, which means that it’s now possible for users to access e-government services throughout Europe.

mojeID’s certification means big things for cross-border authentication in the EU. Previous to this notable expansion, mojeID users were already able to make use of the service when logging in to over 1,000 services in the Czech Republic alone. 

Furthermore, its EU-wide launch is a real milestone, as it makes mojeID the first Czech non-state authentication tool that can be used throughout Europe.

What is mojeID?

mojeID is an electronic identification system that was created by CZ.NIC, an association that supports new technologies and projects related to digital infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

Individuals can benefit from using mojeID to access myriad day-to-day services. As is stated on mojeID’s website, “The main advantage of mojeID is the ability to log in to thousands of services, such as e-shops, libraries, online services of state and local government and other institutions. With mojeID, you are creating an electronic identity that will be used increasingly in the coming years.”

Through providing this service, mojeID’s aim is to make frequent office visits and paperwork a thing of the past. This is something that we at Wultra fully support — so much so that we teamed up with mojeID to create an authenticator app for the system named MojeID Klíč (the Czech term for key), which is powered by our very own Mobile Token solution.

MojeID Klíč, mojeID’s authentication app powered by Wultra.

Which Services Are Accessible Using MojeID Klíč?

What do modern e-government and public administration services encompass? Here are a few of the services that individuals can access online using mojeID and MojeID Klíč:

  • Logging into the citizen portal (e.g. to view one’s criminal and driving records) 
  • Calculating retirement pension
  • Changing one’s permanent residence
  • Filing taxes online declarations online
  • Accessing health care and health insurance services
  • Retrieving digital medical receipts
  • …and more. A complete list of service partners can be explored in mojeID’s catalog.

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Everything Made Possible Through eIDAS

mojeID’s certified EU-wide use is thanks to eIDAS regulation, which is the latest EU legislation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Single Market. 

More specifically, mojeID has been certified using a substantial level of assurance under eIDAS by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

This launch was no small feat. In fact, it was quite a lengthy and complicated process that involved members of an assortment of organizations (including the European Commission). Jaromír Talíř, Chief Technology Officer at CZ.NIC, dives into mojeID’s certification process and eventual EU-wide launch in great detail on CZ.NIC’s blog.

The recent certification means that it’s now possible to log in to the tax portals of several EU countries (including Slovakia, Belgium, and Sweden), the social security portal of the Netherlands, a number of portals of European institutions, and portals for the domain management of Estonia or Denmark. 

Digital identification authentication on EU Login, a portal integrated with mojeID and MojeID Klíč.

Currently, 22 out of the total possible 29 countries are connected to the international gateway of the Czech Republic. Looking ahead, we can expect to see remaining EU countries integrating their portals within the eIDAS framework.

Here’s How to Get Started Using MojeID Klíč

MojeID Klíč bolsters the security of one’s mojeID account. Along with a personal password, mojeID accounts will be also secured by a second factor — a mobile device with the MojeID Klíč app paired with the corresponding mojeID account.

To activate MojeID Klíč, users only need to download the app (for Android or iOS) and pair it with their mojeID account. It’s then possible to set MojeID Klíč as the second authentication factor in one’s mojeID account settings. 

After two-factor authentication has successfully been set up, any future authentication of logins made via mojeID will require the user’s additional approval in MojeID Klíč.

To learn more about MojeID Klíč, check out our full case study.

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