MoroSystems Has Joined Wultra as a Solution Partner

September 30, 2022
Two company logos, Moro Systems and Wultra side by side with a background showing a city landscape with skyscrapers at sunset

Learn more about our new partner as well as the goals we’ve set for our future work together.

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest solution partner: MoroSystems.

About MoroSystems

MoroSystems, a teal organization with excellent company culture, specializes in the agile development of web applications and portals, information systems, and transaction systems as well as tailor-made development and team leasing. They also offer consulting services for containerization of applications, DevOps, cloud solutions, ITIL implementation, and project management.

In their development work, MoroSystems makes use of a range of technologies, including Java, React, Angular, and Docker. In every project that they take on, each of MoroSystems’ products and services help people in businesses improve collaboration and process data.

When looking back on the company’s history, MoroSystems co-founder Tomáš Páral says, “We founded MoroSystems in 2006 with the vision of building a business based on people and their capabilities, not processes and regulations. Today, there are 152 of us, we have offices in 4 cities and we are constantly growing. We are still keeping to our original vision."

What’s Ahead for Wultra and MoroSystems?

At Wultra, we closely identify with the values that guide MoroSystems’ company mission. As solution partners, our joint goal is to build secure internal apps for digital banking and fintech companies together.

Stanislav Hybášek, co-founder of MoroSystems, is excited to keep MoroSystems’ work rolling at a healthy pace. “Our ultimate dream is to participate in realizing interesting and innovative projects for customers from all over the world,” he says. “We cannot see into the future, but we will work hard to make our dream a reality.”

Learn more about our new solution partner’s work: Check out MoroSystems’ references and case studies.

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