Protect Your Financial App From Cybercrime

Protect your app users from mobile malware and other device-related threats. Learn what malware is currently active on your users' devices, see which specific users have insecure devices, and actively help them fix their smartphone's problematic configuration as soon as it shows up on your radar.


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Harden Your Mobile App Security

Mobile malware and cyber attackers became extremely sophisticated. They are looking for new ways to hack your mobile apps and cause damage. By misusing the mobile operating system features, they can gain an advantage and steal your users’ personal data or even money. Avoid these devastating consequences. After all, your business reputation is at stake! Malwarelytics® prevents the most common threats that mobile apps are facing these days and helps your organization stay safe and compliant.

Rooted Devices

Device rooting or jailbreak disables security features provided by the mobile operating system, which opens the device to the attackers.

Mobile Malware

Your users can put themselves in serious danger by downloading malicious apps, such as spyware or banker malware.

Insecure Runtime

Mobile operating systems, be it an Android or iOS, may be outdated and contain severe vulnerabilities that pose threat to your users.

By 2022, at least 50% of successful attacks against clickjacking and mobile apps could have been prevented using in-app protection.
Gartner, Market Guide for In-App Protection

Benefits for CISO

Comply with the strictest OWASP standard requirements on mobile app security and mobile application resilience, as well as with PSD2 requirements on secure runtime.

✔  Mobile malware
✔  Debugger connection
✔  Emulator or virtualized environment
✔  Rooting or jailbreak
✔  Code injection
✔  Runtime library lnjection
✔  Hooking frameworks

✔  System and user screenshots
✔  Untrusted keyboards
✔  Untrusted screen-readers
✔  Native code hooks
✔  External screen sharing
✔  Man-in-the-app scenarios
✔  Man-in-the-middle scenarios

✔  App repackaging
✔  Compromising asset integrity
✔  Overlay attacks
✔  Key extraction (white-box crypto)
✔  Extraction of other sensitive data
✔  Device cloning
✔  Untrusted App Marketplaces

Make the Cyber Threats Visible

Identify Active Malware

Instantly see how many devices are infected with malicious apps and see what malware and malware families pose threat to your app users.

See Problematic Devices

Learn everything about the specific devices that are infected with a malware or contain insecure attributes, such as rooting or jailbreak. Connect devices to your users through the internal user identifier.

Browse Malware Database

Search apps by package name, certificate or an APK hash. See what we think about a particular app and if anything feels suspicious, let us know about it.

Upload APK Sample

Easily upload any suspicious application and let our malware analysts carefully evaluate the APK sample and possible dangers it may pose to your apps.

Get Notified About Threats

Thanks to our robust alerting system, you will immediately learn about new malware or infected devices through the communication channel you already use.

Quick and Easy Integration

Simple things should be simple, hard things should be possible. You can integrate Malwarelytics® SDK in 10 minutes with just a couple of lines of code, or customize literally everything.

Product Updates

Malwarelytics in July 2021: New Threat Insights

Malwarelytics in July 2021: New Threat Insights

The development of Malwarelytics still has unstoppable momentum. The previous weeks have been full of software improvement under the hood (still top secret), but we have also spent many coding days on our web application.

Malwarelytics: Introducing A Full Mobile Threat Intelligence

Malwarelytics: Introducing A Full Mobile Threat Intelligence

The Malwarelytics story continues as we decided to solve an even bigger problem than just mobile malware: Mobile security.

Malwarelytics: New Features in Release 04/2021

Malwarelytics: New Features in Release 04/2021

The after the major Malwarelytics release in March, the release in April was mostly a maintenance release with several minor updates.

Supporting Your Code

Integrate Malwarelytics® into any iOS or Android app thanks to our rich platform support.

Kotlin Support
React Native Support
Cordova Support
Thanks to the security components by Wultra, we quickly responded to an increasing threat of mobile malware attacks and hardened our application security.
Tomas Rosa, Chief Cryptologist at Raiffeisenbank

Persistent Malware Scan

We detect malware right on a mobile device even when your app is not running, thanks to a proactive scan of app updates and new installations.

Always Ready

Active protection is built right inside your mobile app and requires no additional app installation or other actions by your customers.

Privacy First

Unlike a standalone antivirus app, we protect your users without displaying ads, and without selling their data to the third parties for marketing.

Global Threat Intelligence

Thanks to our centralized service in the cloud, your app will benefit from the malware samples and device data collected by all our customers.

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