Protect Your Financial App From Cybercrime

Presenting comprehensive in-app protection for bolstering the security of banking and fintech applications. Malwarelytics® delivers detailed information about device issues and allows users to remove a threat directly on their own device.

Why Malwarelytics®?

Malwarelytics® allows CISOs to comply with the strictest OWASP standard requirements on mobile app security and mobile application resilience.


Fast and Effortless Implementation

Implement ultimate mobile app protection with our low-code/no-code solution as part of your DevSecOps.


Covers Both Major Mobile Platforms

Protect apps on iOS and Android, no matter if you use native development, React Native, Xamarin or Cordova.


Solves Regulatory Compliance

The most cost-effective solution for PSD2 compliant protection of secure runtime in mobile apps.

What Specific Protection Mechanisms Are Included?

Malwarelytics is the most feature rich in-app protection solution on the market.

► Mobile malware
► Debugger connection
► Emulator or virtual environment
► Rooting or jailbreak
► Code injection
► Runtime library injection
► Hooking frameworks
► Sensitive process identification
► Remote access

► System and user screenshots
► Untrusted keyboards
► Untrusted screen-readers
► Tapjacking
► Native code hooks
► External screen sharing
► Man-in-the-app scenarios
► Man-in-the-middle scenarios
► Insecure HTTP Proxy

►  App repackaging
► Compromising asset integrity
► Overlay attacks
► Passcode not set
► Key extraction (white-box crypto)
► Extraction of other sensitive data
► Device cloning
► Untrusted App Marketplaces
► Outdated OS version

Multiple Layers of Security

Malwarelytics® protects your app in three distinct stages represented by a specific layer of protection.

► App Hardening: App integrity, obfuscation, encryption.
► App Shielding: Protecting process and memory.
► Threat Intelligence: Threat visibility and API integrations.

Ensure Your App Compliance With PSD2 Legislation

Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a EU legislation that homogenizes requirements on digital banking security and mandates that banks and payment service providers aim for a more trustworthy payment environment.

In the requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), PSD2 regulatory technical standards (RTS) define that apps accessing payment accounts must implement security measures to mitigate the risks which would result from the use of compromised mobile devices.

What Are The Specific Requirements?
Payment service providers must take into account signs of malware infection in any sessions of the authentication procedure.
PSD2/RTS: Article 2, General authentication requirements
Payment service providers shall adopt security measures to ensure that the software or device has not been altered by the payer or by a third party, and where alterations have taken place, mechanisms to mitigate the consequences thereof.
PSD2/RTS: Article 9, Independence of the elements

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