Turn Your Banking App Into an Antivirus

Protect your app users from mobile malware on the Android platform. Learn what malware is currently active on your users' devices, see which specific users are affected, and actively help them to remove the threat from their smartphone as soon as it shows up on your radar.

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Feature Overview

Identify Active Malware

Instantly see how many devices are infected with malicious apps and see what malware and malware families pose threat to your app users.

Infected Devices

Learn everything about the specific devices that are infected with a malware. Use your internal user identifier to connect devices to your users.

Get Notified About Threats

Thanks to our robust alerting system, you will immediately learn about new malware or infected devices through the communication channel you already use.

Quick and Easy Integration

Simple things should be simple, hard things should be possible. You can integrate Malwarelytics SDK in 10 minutes with just a couple of lines of code, or customize literally everything.

Solution Benefits

Persistent Scan

We detect malware right on a mobile device even when your app is not running, thanks to a proactive scan of app updates and new installations.

Always Ready

Malware protection is built right inside your mobile app and requires no additional app installation or other actions by your customers.

No Upselling, No Ads

Unlike a standalone antivirus app, we protect your users without unclear popups or ads, and without selling their data to the third parties.

Global Threat Intelligence

Thanks to our centralized malware database, your app will benefit from the malware samples and application data collected by all our customers.

Plans and Pricing



limitation on 5k active users

  • best for proof of concepts
  • best for small private banks
  • best for credit unions
  • best for Fintech startups


€ 0.1

per active user per month

  • best for premium banks
  • best for corporate banks
  • best for cooperative banks
  • best for mature Fintechs


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flexible per active user pricing

  • best for large retail banks
  • best for payment platforms
  • best for banking groups
  • best for Fintech scaleups

An "active user" is a user who has some of your apps installed on a Android mobile device and, additionally, our SDK connected to our cloud within a current month to perform a scan on such device. We always show you the current number in the Dashboard.

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Mobile banking continues to grow each year.  By 2020, over 60 % of global banks expect to be digitally mature.  As the use of digital channels advances, so do the malware threats to it. It is no longer possible to dismiss the threat that applications installed on the end-user device pose to mobile banking.  Android devices are particularly vulnerable, as malware is often distributed via Google Play.  The need for secure digital channels is greater than ever and an antivirus plugin gives users an added layer of security.


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