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Protect your app users from mobile malware and other device-related threats. Uncover active malware on your users' devices, determine which users have insecure devices, and actively help them fix their device's impaired configuration as soon as it shows up on your radar.


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Harden Your Mobile App Security

Mobile malware and cyber attackers have become extremely sophisticated. Bad actors seek new ways to hack your mobile apps and cause damage. By misusing mobile operating system features, they can gain an advantage and steal your users’ personal data and funds. Avoid devastating consequences and safeguard your business reputation. Malwarelytics® prevents modern threats targeting mobile apps and helps your organization stay both safe and compliant.

By 2022, at least 50% of successful attacks against clickjacking and mobile apps could have been prevented using in-app protection.
Gartner, Market Guide for In-App Protection

Protect Your Mobile App With Multiple Layers of Security

Malwarelytics® protects your app in three distinct stages represented by a specific layer of protection.

  • Local hardening, encryption, and obfuscation
  • Integrity of app bundle, process, and memory
  • Threat detections, visibility, and API integrations

A layered approach to mobile app security is essential to provide effective protection for your customers.

Active Real-Time Protection

Active protection is built directly inside your Android or iOS app and requires no additional app installation or other actions from your customers.

Persistent Malware Scan

We detect malware right on a mobile device even when your app is not running, thanks to a proactive scan of app updates and new installations.

Layered Security Approach

There isn't a silver bullet for mobile security.  Financial organizations must consider solutions that apply mutiple layers with different operation principles.

Global Threat Intelligence

Thanks to our centralized service hosted in the Azure cloud, your app will benefit from malware samples and device data collected by our customers.

Benefits for CISO

Comply with the strictest OWASP standard requirements on mobile app security and mobile application resilience.

✔  Mobile malware
✔  Debugger connection
✔  Emulator or virtualized environment
✔  Rooting or jailbreak
✔  Code injection
✔  Runtime library lnjection
✔  Hooking frameworks

✔  System and user screenshots
✔  Untrusted keyboards
✔  Untrusted screen-readers
✔  Native code hooks
✔  External screen sharing
✔  Man-in-the-app scenarios
✔  Man-in-the-middle scenarios

✔  App repackaging
✔  Compromising asset integrity
✔  Overlay attacks
✔  Key extraction (white-box crypto)
✔  Extraction of other sensitive data
✔  Device cloning
✔  Untrusted App Marketplaces

Mitigate Critical Security Risks

Rooted Devices

Device rooting or jailbreaking disables security features provided by the mobile operating system, which opens devices to attackers.

Mobile Malware

Your users can put themselves in serious danger by downloading malicious apps, such as spyware or banker malware.

Insecure Runtime

Mobile operating systems (Android or iOS) may be outdated and contain severe vulnerabilities that pose a threat to your users.

Ensure Your App Compliance With PSD2 Legislation

Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a EU legislation that homogenizes requirements on digital banking security and mandates that banks and payment service providers aim for a more trustworthy payment environment.

In the requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), PSD2 regulatory technical standards (RTS) define that apps accessing payment accounts must implement security measures to mitigate the risks which would result from the use of compromised mobile devices.

Payment service providers must take into account signs of malware infection in any sessions of the authentication procedure.
PSD2/RTS: Article 2, General authentication requirements
Payment service providers shall adopt security measures to ensure that the software or device has not been altered by the payer or by a third party, and where alterations have taken place, mechanisms to mitigate the consequences thereof.
PSD2/RTS: Article 9, Independence of the elements

Looking for mobile in-app protection?

Combating Modern Financial Fraud and Mobile Cyber-Crime

Let’s take a moment to think about each of the services that we carry out using a variety of mobile applications. Whether we’re purchasing something online or managing personal finances, we turn to solutions that we access on our mobile devices.

Thanks to the security components by Wultra, we quickly responded to an increasing threat of mobile malware attacks and hardened our mobile application security.
Tomas Rosa Chief Cryptologist at Raiffeisenbank
Besides the enhanced protection, our mobile banking customers gain an extra-benefit, since Malwarelytics anti-malware feature for Android protects their entire mobile devices as well.
Ciprian Stanica-Ezeanu Information Security Officer at Vista Bank

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