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Bulletproof Security for Financial Apps

Mobile apps changed the way people access financial services, and it is not possible to ignore this trend. How then do you design mobile banking that is not only useful but secure? Just leave the security solution to us!


banking users protected


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Build a Secure Mobile Banking

Mobile banking has already become a centrepiece of digital banking, and its use is rapidly growing. At the same time, however, the cyber-criminals shifted their focus towards it. Your bank needs to be ready before a disaster happens, but the security requirements usually complicate the project execution and make the user experience worse. We are here to help.

PSD2 Compliance

Meet the PSD2 requirements on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Improved Security

Enforce your systems by adding two-factor (2FA) authentication.

User Convenience

Let your app users log in and approve payments in a fast and convenient manner.

Beyond Mobile

Implement support for widgets or smartwatch securely and in no time.

Time to Market

Our typical customer integrates
our solution in less than six months.

Cost Efficient

We overperform our competition
on both features and pricing.

Ensure Your App Complies With the PSD2 Legislation

Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a EU legislation that homogenizes requirements on digital banking security and mandates banks and payment service providers to aim for a more trustworthy payment environment.

The regulatory technical standards (PSD2/RTS) require that mobile apps by payment service providers (PSPs) implement particular authentication and authorization procedure during the user login and payment approval. This process is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) must result in an authentication code that has the following main features:

  • It is based on at least two independent authentication elements (2FA) selected from possession, knowledge or inherence (biometrics) categories.
  • It is one-time only and it does not reveal information about neither authentication elements nor future authentication codes.
  • In the case of payments, it must be dynamically linked with payment data, amount and payee account the least.

Cryptography used in Mobile Security Suite was specifically designed to meet the requirements on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the PSD2 legislation. It is trusted by leading European banks and it was repeatedly audited by independent third-parties.

Packed with Features

We provide a feature-complete mobile authentication solution with the banking-grade security that solves all the typical tasks needed to deliver secure and user-friendly mobile banking.

Transaction Signing

Sign sensitive transactions using a strong multi-factor symmetric key signature.

Biometrics Support

Support biometric authentication with Face ID or Touch ID on iOS or biometric authentication on Android.

Document Signatures

Sign documents and contracts with a private key using a strong asymmetric signature.

App Widgets

Show information on iOS or Android widgets to improve user experience without compromising security.


Securely extend your mobile application with support for Apple Watch or Android Wear devices.

Secure Activation

Pair mobile devices with a user in a secure way to prevent the theft of the secret cryptographic keys.

Secure Storage

Store encrypted documents in a secure vault on a mobile device for fast access on slow networks.

Secure Channel

Encrypt communication, QR codes or documents so that only the right device can read them.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications to readily inform a user about any relevant security related events.

Supporting Your Code

Integrate Mobile Security Suite into your app easily thanks to our rich platform support.

Kotlin Support
React Native Support
Cordova Support

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