Rocks. Need a Great Mobile App? Look No Further!

To make this clear from the very beginning: We are not selling ourselves in this post. We simply cannot help ourselves, and we must share an amazing experience we had with, our latest solution partner.

So far, we always delivered our projects within the time and budget. However, what happened to us in December blew our minds. We were working on  a simplified mobile authentication for Sazka and the company who builds the mobile app,, did something that does not happen very often: They surprised us by at least three times (yes, 3x!) quicker delivery than we expected, setting the new world record for the fastest Wultra Mobile Security Suite integration. Moreover, they managed to build everything just with our online documentation.

Usually, this indicates there is something wrong. Most of the time, when the delivery is too rapid, the quality suffers. However, this was not the case. The new simplified login worked flawlessly, making the user experience exceptionally convenient, and all related use-cases (such as a PIN code change, or a biometry setup) worked without a single issue as well.

Now, we are not only happy that is our latest solution partner, but we would also like to recommend this company to the world. In case you are from Canada, UK or Bulgaria and need a mobile app, look no further — will make your project a success!

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