Do Your Android Apps Leak Sensitive Data via Accessibility Services?

Accessibility services are one of the most powerful features of Android, but they also pose a security and privacy risk. Sensitive data, such as account details or even security credentials, may leak from your app to unintended receivers.

To help you test your application, we prepared the Screen Logger app. It is available for free on Google Play. Screen Logger starts an accessibility service and records everything that happens on the screen so that you can readily review potential leaks.

Here is a little demo of how to use the app:

We hope you will find the app useful. We are looking forward to your feedback. Of course, if you have any questions about the Android accessibility services or mobile security in general, send us a message to [email protected].

Prevent Sensitive Data Leakage

Get in touch with our consultants who will advise on how to protect your mobile app and prevent an accidental sensitive data leakage through untrusted screen readers and spyware.