Malwarelytics in July 2021: New Threat Insights

Malwarelytics development still has unstoppable momentum. The previous weeks have been full of software improvement under the hood (still top secret), but we have also spent many coding days on our web application.

Threat Overview

The main dashboard page with all the current mobile threat insights went through a significant overhaul. It displays four categories of devices:

  • infected - detections of application threats on devices
  • insecure - detections of weak security on devices
  • outdated - devices running an outdated version of the operating system
  • active - all devices that were seen alive in the last 30 days

Device Issues

A new insight widget shows a quick summary of potentially insecure devices or presences of threats on devices, such as repackaged source app, jailbroken/rooted devices, disabled Google Play Protect, emulator detections, etc.

Operating System Information

Malwarelytics supports both Android and iOS. These mobile operating systems can be outdated, making the devices susceptible to software vulnerabilities. A new widget displays the mobile OS share and the percentage of devices with obsolete OS versions.

Android Malware

If you use Malwarelytics primarily to identify malware, don’t be afraid — our former dashboard still exists. It just got a new name, moved to the second menu item, and from now on, it shows detailed malware statistics for Android devices. 

Installation Sources

We show a new graph called Installation Sources in the Android Malware dashboard. This graph displays the most frequent installation sources of your mobile banking applications.

Get the SDK Faster

We have carefully listened to your feedback and refactored the introduction page for integrating the Malwarelytics SDK. The new page is as straightforward as it could be:

  1. Visit our Developer portal with all the documentation and tutorials.
  2. Download an SDK library from our JFrog Artifactory.
  3. Get and use the SDK credentials for any of your applications.

Many Smaller Improvements, As usual

We have implemented many minor enhancements, and we have not forgotten to fix all reported bugs so far.

Stay Safe From Mobile Threats

Are you looking for runtime application self-protection or active anti-malware component for your mobile banking or fintech app? Contact us at [email protected], or leave us your e-mail address, and we will get back to you shortly.