Malwarelytics in November 2021: Management UI and Events API

We brought several neat features to Malwarelytics in the past weeks, and we would like to introduce those briefly. Of course, all our customers can rest assured that we will deliver even more features based on their ideas or our inexhaustible product feature pipeline in the future. Stay tuned!

We are always happy to assist our customers in integrating the Malwarelytics SDK into their applications. But we also see that the whole process could be a lot more instant and smooth.

Application Management

We introduced a new UI to allow application management in this release. Any user with the organization admin role can now create or edit applications.

Organization admins can access the feature to create a new application from the Applications section of the navigation menu or the context menu on the Administration/All Applications page.

To modify an application, click on the application list on Administration/All Applications page.

The dialog to create/modify an application will show up:

User Management

The other important management UI we are introducing in November release is all about the users. Organization admins can create users or modify existing users. There are two types of users: 1) from the same organization, or 2) external users (with account in another organization). This distinction is helpful when inviting third parties, for example, external mobile developers, to handle your applications.

Organization admins can find the management page from Administration/User Management navigation menu. There are two separated tabs.

The first tab is for your organization users, where the context menu offers adding a new user.

The second tab on the Administration/User Management page allows you to invite a user from another organization (e.g., your software delivery company) and grant such external user access rights to your selected applications.

Introducing Malwarelytics API

The Malwarelytics console is an excellent tool for us humans. If you are not a human but, for example, a server application that needs an access to some information, you would ideally use an application programming interface (API).

The newly introduced Malwarelytics API can help connect the Malwarelytics data to your systems, such as anti-fraud solution or SIEM. The Malwarelytics Event Queue API offers endpoints to access a stream of all relevant security events.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

The protection of any user account can now be increased by activating 2FA, using apps such as Google Authenticator. We recommend that all users use 2FA on their accounts. The 2FA activation is fast and entering a 6-digit number during your login is just a minor incovenience for a huge security improvement. Users can find the 2FA activation in their profile settings ("My Profile" page).

Is This All?

From the list of visible enhancements, yes. We have also continuously improved the overall performance and tuned our internal features and tools. And finally, all the bugs we have discovered or were reported are not present anymore.

Protect your app with Malwarelytics

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