Malwarelytics: What Is New In The July 2020 Release?

We released a new version of Malwarelytics with several neat improvements that will help our customers combat mobile banking malware even more efficiently. The changes are available to our customers as a part of their existing plan.

VirusTotal Integration

To provide better visibility to the risks that a particular application poses to mobile banking, we integrated VirusTotal service right into the Malwarelytics console. You can see the VirusTotal score and detections from all AV engines in a comprehensive widget.

Mobile Platform Support

In case your app uses React Native, Xamarin, or Cordova, this is your lucky day! We prepared SDKs for all these cross-platform technologies, besides having the native Kotlin SDK.

Flag A Suspicious App

In case you find a fishy app that our automation might have missed, you can easily let us know about it with a single click of a button. By submitting an app for manual analysis, you will send an alert to our Slack channel, and our malware analysts will start investigating the issue immediately.

Sorting and CSV Export of Infected Devices

We improved our device lists so that you can use them more efficiently. Besides the paging capability and search, we also added sorting. To provide you the raw data (which is handy, especially if you did not connect to our APIs yet), we also added the export of the infected devices to the CSV format.

Performance, Stability, Bugfixes

Of course, the invisible improvements are an integral part of every release. We improved the application’s performance significantly by optimizing queries, better data serialization in Redis cache, and boosting our cloud infrastructure. As a result, the overall stability of the system improved dramatically. We also hunted down and eliminated a lot of minor bugs and delivered several minor visual improvements.

Stay Safe From Banking Malware

Are you looking for malware protection for your mobile banking or fintech app? Register for Malwarelytics for free! Our trial mode is valid for up-to 5k active devices, and it is perfect for evaluation or proofs-of-concept. In case you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We also recommend looking at the Malwarelytics integration tutorial  on our developer portal.