Malwarelytics: What Is New In The September 2020 Release?

We released a new version of Malwarelytics with several neat improvements to help our customers combat mobile banking malware even more efficiently.

The changes are available to our customers as a part of their existing plan.

Device List View

The device card view is perfect when you need to see extended details of a particular device at first glance. However, when the number of devices becomes large, the card view stops being comprehensive. This is why we introduced the ability to switch to the list view. This perspective is much more compact and hence suitable for showing many devices.

App Capability Descriptions

In the original Malwarelytics console, we showed the “flags” for each app. Flags represent the capabilities of an app that contributed to the particular risk evaluation. However, the raw flags are a bit too cryptic for regular users. This is why we translated flags into a much more comprehensive “Capability list,” each with its own tooltip that explains the particular capability and its contribution to the final score.

Search by App Name

Sometimes, you might need to find an app that you just remember by the name. Previously, this was not possible. You had to use the app package name or lose that app forever. #sad Not anymore! You can now easily search by the app name, and even use a star notation to search for apps matching a particular pattern.

Prioritize Your Favorite Apps

For organizations with many apps, or many development versions of apps in different environments, the app selector was a bit confusing. The apps were all grouped in a single long list, with less relevant apps often on top. In the new Malwarelytics version, you can add a star to your preferred apps — for example, to your apps in production. This will move them on top of the list where they stay until you decide to unstar them.

Secondary Certificate Group Paging

Sometimes, a particular app with a given package name can be signed by many different certificates. For example, the “” app is signed by almost 700 different certificates. As a result, the “certificates for package” view that groups packages by their certificates contained too many records on a single page, and that page took ages to render. To allow faster rendering and a more comprehensive view, we introduced secondary paging by the certificate groups.

Performance, Performance, Performance

We receive a lot of application samples — every month, we evaluate over 1.3 billion application samples coming from millions of active devices. We have significantly boosted our infrastructure and optimized our code to allow a much more fluent user experience and faster loading times in our administration console.

Stay Safe From Banking Malware

Are you looking for malware protection for your mobile banking or fintech app? Register for Malwarelytics for free! Our trial mode is valid for up-to 5k active devices, and it is perfect for evaluation or proofs-of-concept. In case you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected], or leave us your e-mail, and we will get back to you shortly.