Mobile Token Gets A Major Design Update

We believe that security improvements must go hand in hand with an amazing user experience. That’s why we gave our mobile token app a big UI facelift. We wanted to make sure that the white-label product does not hold our customers back and matches the latest mobile design trends, to help them win in the digital transformation race. The update will be available to all our mobile token customers for free.

While mobile token looks like a simple app, in fact, there are over 70 screens. This is why we needed a little help from our friends from Ackee, a leading mobile design agency. The results are awesome and the main victory for us is that the resulting design can be easily re-branded.

Mobile token app adaptive branding.

Perfection in design and attention to detail matter. It differentiates “security engineers” from “human-centric product designers.” Our customers, as well as their clients, should indeed benefit from our proactive product development and improved user interface design.

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