Online Event: Wultra at the 2022 Conference on Cyber Security in Banks

This week, Wultra will be taking part in the 2022 Conference on Cyber Security in Banks. This year’s event, jointly organized by BACEE and WSBI-ESBG, will be taking place online on Friday, January 28, on a device near you! 

Details About the Event

The Conference on Cyber Security in Banks is designed for industry professionals and stakeholders who work together with banks, financial institutions, and financial technology.

As cyber security and fighting cyber crime are among top concerns for all banks across the globe, it’s important to have a single place in which industry professionals can meet to discuss current challenges and solutions within the cyber security landscape.

This year’s conference boasts a panel of seasoned industry speakers who will be discussing state-of-the-art solutions related to cyber threat protection and prevention.

Here are a few highlights from the conference program:

  • Cyber security and digitalization
  • Big data and the cloud
  • AI and regulatory technology 

Take a look through the full event program for more details and topics to be covered. On top of our own participation at the event, Wultra is deeply proud to be a Silver Sponsor of this year's conference.

Tune in to Wultra’s Session

At the conference, we’ll be discussing typical cyber security threats faced by mobile banking customers in 2022. More specifically, you can look forward to the following topics from Wultra CEO Petr Dvorak:

  • An overview of the security landscape in 2022
  • Security trends relevant for mobile banking customers
  • Real-life examples of security threats faced by Wultra’s customers (and advice on what to do about them) 

Interested in learning more? You can register for the conference on the event’s website. We look forward to presenting to each of our audience members!

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