Partnering with RBI's Competence Centre for Cryptology and Biometrics

In partnership with Raiffeisenbank, we will work on the most critical cybersecurity problems for the next decade, including complex issues such as passwordless authentication, digital identity, and — probably the most challenging topic — the post-quantum cryptography.

"We already have excellent cooperation with the Raiffeisenbank. Our RB Key authenticator app, as well as mobile banking protection technologies, are the practical testaments of that. We are pleased that we can cooperate with Raiffeisenbank on the most fundamental security related topics for the future."
-- Petr Dvorak, CEO at Wultra

"Quantum computing is reality, there is no time to spend by disputing this. We shall rather search for the algorithms that are resistant to this extraordinary force, as we need to deploy them urgently. Otherwise, by the principle of retroactive cryptanalysis (capture today, break tomorrow), our current “protection” is nothing but sending open letters to the future."
-- Tomáš Rosa, Chief Cryptologist at Raiffeisenbank

You will see some results of this cooperation very soon. Petr Dvořák, our CEO, will join forces with Tomáš Rosa, the chief cryptologist at Raiffeisenbank, to provide an introduction to post-quantum cryptography at the QuBit Conference Prague 2020.

About Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank has been operating in the Czech market since 1993. The 5th largest bank in Czechia provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate customers. In 2019, Raiffesienbank was awarded the Most Client-Friendly Bank of the Year for the fifth time in a row.

About Wultra

Wultra helps the leading European banks and fintech companies build secure digital channels. Our wide range of security-related software technologies covers the whole digital banking application stack on the web and mobile platforms. Security solutions by Wultra focus on the key areas of mobile app security — from authentication and authorization in your app to malware detection on the end user’s device.

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