PowerAuth Now Offers Better Auditing, Improved Monitoring, and More

Our comprehensive solution for strong customer authentication, PowerAuth, delivers fast, convenient, and secure access to digital apps while simultaneously meeting the strictest regulatory requirements. 

In its newest version, we’ve introduced several new capabilities that bring real benefit to users. Let’s explore each of these in detail.

What’s new in PowerAuth?

  • Multiple Mobile Token devices: It’s now possible to create multiple registered Mobile Token devices per user while using both the PowerAuth on-premise and with PowerAuth running in the cloud. With this update, we make it even easier to utilize our Mobile Token solution and integrate into your internet banking, API banking, or trading system.
  • Better auditing: The PowerAuth server now audits extended information related to activations, operations, signature verification, and other events related to security into the unified database structure. Importantly, these audit records can easily be queried during future analyses.
  • More context to approve operations: Extended information is stored during operation approval right in the operation detail (no need to query auditing log), such as activation identifier of activation used for the approval, information about used signature factors, client IP address, user agent, and device OS version.
  • Improved monitoring: We’ve now made it possible to track requests through the whole stack using HTTP correlation headers. These can be easily integrated into the logging of PowerAuth components. This means that requests contain correlation identifiers to allow identifying all records which correspond to a single request from a user device.

Finally, it’s important to note that with this release, we’ve updated all of the PowerAuth libraries to the newest versions to ensure the solution’s ongoing security. This is something that we’re always meticulous about carrying out during our releases, but these days, it’s an especially important task due to the fact that there are many new attacks using various libraries used by various backend components.

Get to Know PowerAuth Better

If you’d like to know more about what PowerAuth can do for your business, you can read more about the solution on our website. For a more technical look at its capabilities, we also have our online documentation readily available on the Wultra Developer Portal. 

We’d love to chat with you about any questions or comments you may have related to our latest PowerAuth release. We encourage you to get in touch with our team today to set up a call.