Quantum Resistant Cryptography: Introducing SIKE for Java

Quantum computers will change the cryptography as we know it. It is not a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” We might not like it. We may have opinions about when this will happen. But rather than waiting for when the large-scale quantum computers cause issues to our cryptographic systems, we should study and implement algorithms that are quantum resistant.

We already wrote several posts on post-quantum cryptography. We are covering the current NIST efforts related to post-quantum cryptography standardization. Most importantly, we also announced a great partnership with Raiffeisen Bank International in the area of post-quantum cryptography research.

Today, after over a half a year of effort, we are proud to announce the first practical results of this cooperation that you can try yourselves: the open-source SIKE for Java library, available on Github:

We prepared a short “Getting Started” video to show you the library in action:

SIKE is a NIST 3rd round alternate candidate for the public key encryption and key encapsulation mechanisms. It solves the issue of establishing a shared secret between two parties — Alice and Bob — in a way that can withstand the enormous computational power of large-scale quantum computing.

The SIKE for Java library by Wultra is the world’s first production-quality implementation of SIKE/SIDH algorithms in pure Java. It contains reference implementation (where the code readability is a priority) and optimized implementation (for the best performance).

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Video: Post-Quantum Cryptography in Digital Banking

Video: Post-Quantum Cryptography in Digital Banking

The security of digital banking systems often relies on strong cryptography. However, the algorithms we currently know and take for granted, such as RSA or ECC, are threatened by a new computational paradigm and a machine with an unprecedented force: the quantum computer.

Round 3 of NIST Post-Quantum Contest Has Started

Round 3 of NIST Post-Quantum Contest Has Started

NIST announced the round 3 of the contest for post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) algorithms, selecting 7 finalists and 8 alternate candidates.

Towards Quantum Resistant Systems

Do you consider upgrading your cryptographic systems, such as a strong customer authentication solution, so that you withstand the power of quantum computers? Please leave us your e-mail address, and we will follow-up with you swiftly.