[Video] PowerAuth Bundles User Comfort and Unprecedented Security

Today, many facets of finance have become digital. People need — and expect — fast, secure access to each of the applications that they interact with each day. In their daily lives, individuals require an easy way to confirm payments and other sensitive operations in mobile banking, web banking, or while shopping on their favorite e-shops.

At the same time, mobile phones have become bearers of personal identity. People are accustomed to accessing apps using facial authentication, a fingerprint scan, or a user-friendly PIN code.

And while these methods should be second nature for users, it’s not always easy to implement a secure in-house mobile authentication solution. For many payment service providers, this can be a tedious, not to mention costly, process to undertake.

How to Provide Both User Convenience and Unprecedented Security


For those looking to implement a robust mobile authentication tool, PowerAuth by Wultra is a comprehensive solution for strong customer authentication on web and mobile digital channels. Using PowerAuth, it’s easy for your customers to seamlessly approve transfers, access banking services, and make online purchases directly on their mobile phones.

How Does PowerAuth Work Under the Hood?


PowerAuth uses strong cryptography audited by the most rigorous authorities and independent third parties to provide the strictest compliance required by PSD2 legislation.

Thanks to our transparent online documentation, you can quickly implement PowerAuth to protect your mobile or web application and deploy the solution either on-premise or in the cloud.

Read more about PowerAuth’s technology and some of the recent features that we’ve worked into it in our latest product release.

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