Video: See Through the Darkness with Malwarelytics

In our age of hyperconnectivity, there’s no shortage of convenience. We access myriad services with swipes and clicks, and many of the services that we interact with on a daily basis are available directly on our mobile devices

While these apps are highly convenient, there's also a dark side to them. Cybercriminals and bad actors loom in the darkness of the digital landscape and use shady tactics to get ahold of sensitive data without our consent. Here are a few examples:

  • In keylogging attacks (also known as keyloggers), cybercriminals record struck keys to steal users' credentials.
  • Overlay attacks can result in leaks of sensitive information. When an overlay attack takes place on a mobile banking app, an attacker covers the application’s UI with a fake, malicious version that visually resembles that of the legitimate app. Hackers then attempt to gain access to the user’s sensitive information while they’re actively using the app.
  • So-called tapjacking attacks attempt to trick individuals into carrying out unintended payments.

How can today’s business protect their customers from these types of threats?

Businesses and payment service providers looking to protect their clients have an especially crucial need to see through the darkness of today’s digital world. This is due to the fact that as an increasing number of financial services move to mobile devices, the ability to assure adequate security becomes more and more of a challenge.

The good news: Our comprehensive solution, Malwarelytics, detects threats to keep your financial app secure.

Malwarelytics protects financial apps from mobile cybercrime — in addition to the threats mentioned above, there are also risks posed by mobile malware, jailbreaking or rooting devices, repackaged mobile apps, or untrusted installation sources. Malwarelytics scans the user's device, analyzes risks in our secure cloud, and provides a detailed security assessment.

Our protection works in three key stages:

  • Protect the customer directly on their mobile device.
  • Visualize various threats in Malwarelytics’ online dashboard.
  • Integrate with our systems through APIs.

To get the benefits and protection offered by Malwarelytics, all you need is to add a code snippet into your application.

What’s more, Malwarelytics makes it simple to take a detailed look at individual devices. It solves issues directly on the mobile device and sends threat signals to your fraud detection system. This provides businesses with the necessary data to spend their time and energy elsewhere. 

Don't get lost in the darkness — let Malwarelytics show you the way.

Book a 30-minute call with our team to see our innovative mobile security in action.

Protect Your App With Malwarelytics

Book a 30-minute call with our team to see our innovative mobile security in action.