Wultra’s Increased Insurance Limits Bolster Client Relationships

The fivefold increase in Wultra’s insurance limits also comes with a widened scope of covered sub-insurance types. Here’s why this is important for our customers.

We’d like to share a straightforward — but key — piece of news: We’ve upped our insurance coverage!

We recently revised our insurance policy in order to reinforce the trust that we’ve carefully built with each of our customers. It’s important to us that we accommodate each of the requests made by our clients, and by keeping the terms of our insurance policy up to date with current needs, we can continue to deliver the best quality of service.

Details of Our Updated Insurance Coverage

We’ve added some crucial sub-insurance types to our coverage, including:

  • Intellectual property rights infringement
  • Computer network breaches
  • Care custody and control

Providing insights into Wultra’s recent decision to up our insurance coverage, Wultra CEO Petr Dvořák comments, “We decided to increase our insurance limits as well as the scope of coverage to bolster trust in our company and to provide additional stability guarantees to our large corporate customers. "

Bringing Together Increased Insurance and Certifications for All-Around Compliance

Wultra is an ISO 27001 certified company, which means that we pay close attention to maintaining and improving the best security practices.

To understand the scope of our ISO 27001 certification, you can review our Security Practices Overview document. You can also visit our website to download our ISO 27001 certificate.

Furthermore, both our PowerAuth and Malwarelytics solutions have recently obtained certification for penetration testing.

These certifications, along with our recent decision to increase our insurance limits, supports Wultra’s long-term objectives related to compliance. We provide solutions to make our client’s applications compliant with PSD2 legislation, GDPR, and the strictest OWASP MASWS resilience requirements.

Learn more about our industry-leading solutions and protect your customers with proactive security features.

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